About us

Exeria, the project, is the result of combining many years of experience and knowledge of financial markets and programming skills. Our goal is to create a unique tool to assist investors in their activities. We use the latest technologies such as Cloud Computing, HTML5, High Availability Solutions and WebSockets. At present, the brand is owned by EFIX DM - a financial institution, which is under the supervision of a state regulatory body. We are based in Poznan, a city in western Poland, whose flagship motto is “Know-how”. The city is the center of an sizable technological development hub, which comprises a number of universities specializing in mathematics, science and technology. In addition, it is also the place where the offices, factories and R&D centers of companies such as Amazon, Franklin Templeton, Microsoft, Samsung and Volkswagen can be found.

The technology behind Exeria is already being used by major financial institutions and brokerage houses worldwide. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to develop ourselves and cooperate with others.


A professional application to execute mechanical investment strategies. You can select a fully automated trading system or a manual one, in which case the program acts as a signal generator which can quickly be changed to concrete orders.

There are many levels of individual strategy settings: position size, acting on closing prices, all signals or only on the first signal. There is a very broad, unrivaled range of detailed instructions for strategy operations in various situations such as: disrupted connection, computer restart, lack of data, lack of order confirmation. Strategy configuration makes it possible not only to implement signals but also to respond appropriately to the quoted level of loss or gain achieved by a strategy. It is possible to configure strategy activities in time: for a specified period of time, only before a specified date (e.g. before data), or only on a specified day. It is possible to apply many strategies on a single instrument over various time horizons. It is possible to apply many strategies over various horizons to different instruments on a single investment account. The program has its own service (Exeria.com) by means of which you can create a community around the program, building and sharing the investment strategies you have developed.



A unique program to make use of technical analysis tools. Its strength lies in its transparent, intuitive charts and the ability to build and test custom-designed indicators and strategies, as easily as one would build a structure from toy blocks.

Arena is a program to create investment strategies intuitively, from simple to highly advanced hedging strategies. The application uses built-in, comprehensive historical databases and can be connected to online data sources or used with data in the formats of popular technical analysis programs. Strategies and analyses can be exchanged among program users, making Arena a tool for building up a community of investors. The creation of strategies can be started up and controlled using “Exeria” an application which is provided in the package.

Strategy export and implementation Strategies can be exported to a file which can then be imported to the program which executes orders – Exeria. Strategies can also be located in the service (Exeria.com) on your profile or on a public profile. Files with strategies can be made available to other users.

Openness to new solutions

If you want to add new indicators, functions or predefined signals in order to create your own strategy, we can prepare those for you.

Openness to new solutions

Thanks to pre-defined functions, you don’t have to be a programmer to create advanced investment strategies. The effectiveness of a strategy can easily be pre-tested and its risk defined using the Risk Rating and Equity Line indicators. You can build strategies in which:

signals are generated from the same instrument in which transactions are performed

signals are generated on one instrument and performed in another

signals are generated on the spread between two instruments, and then performed on the instruments from which the spread was calculated

you build up a collective basket comprising a number of instruments and then start up strategies which will be implemented on individual instruments, depending on the signals in the basket


A social media site where investors can exchange robots and pool their knowledge, ideas and experience.

Exeria.com is a social website in which investors save their investment strategies, exchange ideas and take advantage of publicly available investment robots. Thanks to the service, many investors for which the world of automatic strategies was inaccessible can now easily download, check and implement a given strategy for their account. Depending on their preferences, investors can quickly find the strategies they need, guided by e.g. instrument type, trend type, investment horizon or strategy type. Publicly available robots can be evaluated and commented on. Each user can store their own private robotics on the service, make them publicly available, or create their own ‘channel’ for making strategies available to a select group of people. Robots placed in the service can be imported to Arena, and their construction and historical data can be checked. Private robots and those subscribed to in the service are visible in Exeria, where they can be initiated and controlled.


The EFIX Explorer is a perfect example of combining the technology of server utilization and Exeria. The architecture of our solutions makes it possible to analyze any signals and to scan markets. Customers appreciate that EFIX DM applications have among other things the ability to run strategies prepared by analysts using just a single click.

Explorer users can take advantage of ready-made strategies and signals, tools for scanning hundreds of instruments in real time, original barometers that assist in decision making, and professional portfolios which can be tracked daily.

Explorer creates a new level of quality in brokerage services, and makes it practical to search for and react to investment opportunities in diverse markets. Rather than passively observe prices and graphs on a transaction platform, you can focus on reviewing the most interesting market situations and on deciding upon which to act.

You can personalize Explorer so that you receive information concerning selected signals or market situations for the instruments which you have specified on your computer or mobile device.